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Toilet Partition Boards

Kubik is a systematic approach to Toilet Partition

selection factors assuring the most appropriate partitions

for a given project, efficient fabrication and successful


Kubik assists architects, designers and developers,

first in evaluating needs and priorities of a project, and

then in selecting materials, configurations, design and

privacy options, hardware and color/pattern choices.

Available Brands

Product/Toilet Partition Boards
Code no/Colours

They have several colour of boards 

Sizes - 6*4






Product/Fixing Bars
Code no/TB-7713

Fixing BarBlack Colour

Product/Fixing Bars
Code no/TB-7719

Fixing Bar

Product/Fixing Bars
Code no/TB-7715

Fixing Bar

Product/Fixing Bars
Code no/TB-7709

Fixing Bar

Product/Fixing Bars
Code no/TB-7703

Fixing Bars

Code no/Nylon Spacio Standared

Accessories Set

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Toilet Partition Boards

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